Accompany business people & their families.

Study the actual Spanish market for their products.

Reserve Hotels & apartments.

Reserve cars & restaurants.

Facilitate buying & selling houses & apartments.

Reserve the best Hospitals, doctors & cars in all specialties.

Accompany patients & guiding them.

Reserve Hotel s & apartments for their families.

Translating necessary documents from Arabic to Spanish & from Spanish to Arabic.

We have a private department for sport clubs who deal in particular with specific doctors & hospitals.


Reserve schools & universities.

Following up with students .

Reserve apartments.

Translating documents.

Giving Arabic courses

Organize conferences & concerts everywhere in Spain, Egypt, Dubai & the rest of the Arab world.

Reserve buildings,

Reserve Hotels & apartments.

Reserve cars.

Insurance for requested locations & people.

Accompany & guiding before, during & after conferences & concerts.


We sell travel to Spain, to Egypt, to Emirates and the rest of the world.

We specialize in working high standing.

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